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  • New Field Ranger Training Guidelines to Help Save Lives of Those on Front Line of Poaching Battle

    For immediate release February 9, 2017 In the midst of a global poaching crisis, Feb. 9 marks the launch of the most comprehensive Training Guidelines for Field Rangers, providing anti-poaching Read more

  • Australian Crowdfunding Campaign to Save the Tassie Devil Takes Off with a Major Boost from Global Wildlife Conservation

    For immediate release December 8, 2016 Global Wildlife Conservation partner Devil Ark, a breeding facility to help save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction, is on the road to double in Read more

  • Newly Declared Critical Habitat in Palawan Secures Promising Future for Irreplaceable Forests and Wildlife Species

    Local and National Governments of the Philippines Commit to Country’s Largest Critical Habitat Designation For immediate release November 30, 2016 Download images: One of the world’s most critical and Read more

  • In the News

    Read what others are saying about our work–and the work we’re helping our partners accomplish–around the world. If you are a reporter, editor or producer interested in working with GWC on a story, please contact Lindsay Renick Mayer at

    Feb. 9, 2017: New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar (Africa Geographic) Link | PDF

    Feb. 8, 2017: Reversing “Empty Forest Syndrome” in Southeast Asia (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Feb. 7, 2017: New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    Feb. 7, 2017: Resurrected Jeypore ground gecko faces second death sentence (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    Feb. 7, 2017: Cheirogaleus shethi: Tiny new species of dwarf lemur found in Madagascar (International Business News) Link | PDF

    Feb. 6, 2017: Cheirogaleus shethi: New Species of Dwarf Lemur Found in Madagascar (Sci News) Link | PDF

    Feb. 2, 2017: Social justice à la mode: Inside Three Twins ice cream (Dairy Foods) Link | PDF

    February 2017 issue: Out of the Shadows, the Wildcats You’ve Never Seen (National Geographic) Link | PDF

    Jan. 25, 2017: Increased use of snares in Southeast Asia driving extinction crisis, scientists warn (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    Jan. 24, 2017: Asia’s Wildlife-Snaring Crisis Documented In Graphic Photographs (IFLS) Link | PDF

    Jan. 19, 2017: Stare into the Soulful Eyes of this Newly Discovered Dwarf Lemur Species (Scientific American) Link | PDF

    Jan. 10, 2017: America’s toughest record in competitive birdwatching was shattered last year (Washington Post) Link | PDF

    Dec. 21, 2016: Devil Ark crowd funding campaign off to a good start (Coast Community News) Link | PDF

    Dec. 14, 2016: Save the Binturong! Wait―What’s a Binturong? (onEarth) Link | PDF

    Dec. 12, 2016: Rebounding from Hurricane Otto in Nicaragua’s Most Ecologically Sensitive Rainforests (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Dec. 8, 2016: Flying Squirrels and Houston Toads : Louis Masai in Texas and Tennessee (Brooklyn Street Art) Link | PDF

    December issue: Costa Rica, Nicaragua assess toll taken by Otto (EcoAméricas) PDF

    Nov. 30 2016: Philippine Home of Pangolin and Indigenous Tribe Wins Protection (Discovery News/Seeker) Link | PDF

    Nov. 22, 2016: Mt. Cleopatra’s Needle now a ‘critical habitat’ (Coconuts Manila) Link | PDF

    Nov. 21, 2016: Colorful Mural of Houston Toad Illuminates Downtown Austin (Business Wire) Link to list of stories | PDF

    Nov. 14, 2016: The Largest Mammal That No Scientist Has Ever Seen in the Wild (Cool Green Science) Link | PDF

    Nov. 9, 2016: Endangered Species with Wisconsin Ties (Wisconsin Public Radio/The Larry Meiller Show) Link | PDF

    Nov. 1, 2016: The Jewel of the Annamites (Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center newsletter) PDF

    Oct. 31, 2016: Sensitivity to animal exploitation is up. So is demand for wildlife encounters. (Travel Weekly) Link | PDF

    Oct. 27, 2016: Hope in the Face of 10,000 Deaths (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Oct. 20, 2016: Saving the “Asian Unicorn” (Radio New Zealand) Link | PDF

    Oct. 18, 2016: The Butterfly Effect (Worth Magazine) Link | PDF

    Oct. 16, 2016: Salvation for the shy Saola? (Borneo Post) Link | PDF

    Oct. 14, 2016: Animal cruelty no longer flies at TripAdvisor (Minneapolis Star Tribune) Link | PDF

    Oct. 14, 2016: TripAdvisor Ends Ticket Sales to Many Animal Attractions (Yahoo! Finance) Link | PDF

    Oct. 13, 2016: TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to swim with dolphins (Miami Herald) Link | PDF

    Oct. 13, 2016: TripAdvisor bans ticket sales for trips that involve touching wild animals (The Independent) Link | PDF

    Oct. 13, 2016: TripAdvisor to stop selling tickets to hundreds of global animal-based attractions (Fox News Travel) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: TripAdvisor Bans Bookings for Endangered, Wild Animal Attractions (Condé Nast Traveler) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: TripAdvisor Will Stop Selling Tickets to Wild and Endangered Animal Attractions (Fortune) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: Yes: TripAdvisor Will No Longer Sell Tickets To Places That Hurt Animals (The Dodo) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: TripAdvisor commits to improving wildlife tourism standards (Vacations & Travel Magazine) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: TripAdvisor Will Stop Selling Tickets to Wild and Endangered Animal Attractions (Travel + Leisure) Link | PDF

    Oct. 12, 2016: Massive Win for Animals! TripAdvisor to Stop Selling Tickets to Cruel Animal Attractions (One Green Planet) Link | PDF

    Oct. 11, 2016: TripAdvisor to Stop Selling Tickets to Many Animal Attractions (New York Times) Link | PDF

    Oct. 10, 2016: TripAdvisor Stops Booking Activities With Captive Animals and Endangered Species (Skift) Link | PDF

    Oct. 7, 2016: WiLDSpeak 2016: Robin Moore (Outdoor Photographer) Link | PDF

    Oct. 6, 2016: Jamaican Rock Iguanas Get a Shot at New Home in the Wild (The New York Times) Link | PDF

    Oct. 4, 2016: Pallas’s cats to get their own ‘palace’ in Siberian mountains (The Siberian Times) Link | PDF

    Oct. 3, 2016: World Habitat Day: Joining Forces with Nicaragua’s Indigenous Rama and Afro-descendant Kriol People (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Oct. 3, 2016: 2017 Texas Hill Country Calendar Available for Sale: Photo Contest Winners Announced (Texas Hill Country) Link | PDF

    Sept. 30, 2016: Madagascar’s Largest Tortoise Could Become Extinct In 2 Years (The Wire) Link | PDF

    Sept. 30, 2016: Lollipops Could Lure Elusive Tree Rat Out of Hiding (LiveScience) Link | PDF

    Sept. 30, 2016: Keith Winsten: Jamaican government reverses course on port (Florida Today) Link | PDF

    Sept. 28, 2016: Environmentalists welcome scrapping of Goat Island project (Jamaican Observer) Link | PDF

    Sept. 27, 2016: Two Years to Ploughshare Tortoise Extinction? (Scientific American) Link | PDF

    Sept. 27: Madagascar’s largest tortoise could become extinct in 2 years (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    Sept. 27, 2016: Madagascan tortoise on verge of extinction (Daily News): Link | PDF

    Sept. 27, 2016: Emergency appeal launched to save the Ploughshare Tortoise (ITV Report) Link | PDF

    Sept. 26, 2016: The Ploughshare Tortoise’s Countdown to Extinction (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Sept. 26, 2016: The Nicaraguan frontier: a treasure trove under siege (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    Sept. 22, 2016: Top conservation players unite to map, monitor and conserve vital places (Green Times) Link | PDF

    Sept. 13, 2016: 2 super-competitive birders race across North America to see most species (Minnesota Star Tribune) Link | PDF

    Sept. 13, 2016: Incer Barquero: “No hay política ambiental” (Confidencial) Link | PDF

    Sept. 12, 2016: Vídeo: Una expedición a la reserva Indio Maíz: la invasión de los colonos y el despale (Confidencial) Link | PDF

    Sept. 10, 2016: Indio Maiz bio-preserve, ancestral lands in Nicaragua threatened by colonists (The Costa Rica Star) Link | PDF

    Sept. 10, 2016: La reserva biológica Indio Maíz, un hogar ancestral de Nicaragua bajo acecho (La Vanguardia) Link | PDF

    Sept. 11, 2016: Birders Set a Record (Valley News) Link | PDF

    Sept. 6, 2016: Two rivals break American birdwatching record (The Malone Telegraph) Link | PDF

    Sept. 6, 2016: Two rivals broke American birdwatching’s biggest record — and they’re still racing (Alaska Dispatch News) Link | PDF

    Sept. 4, 2016: Listen: Searching for the Last Unicorn (Wisconsin Public Radio/To the best of our Knowledge) Link | PDF

    Sept. 4, 2016: Como o panda-gigante, o mais carismático e querido dos bichos, está sendo salvo da extinção na China (National Geographic Brasil) Link | PDF

    Sept. 1, 2016: Two rivals broke American birdwatching’s biggest record–and they’re still madly racing (Washington Post) Link | PDF

    August 31, 2016: Program at Henry Vilas Zoo helps endangered species (WISC-TV News3) Link | PDF

    August 31, 2016: Rescuing the Last of the Unicorns (One Green Planet) Link | PDF

    August 17, 2016: In search of a lost species: the Santa Marta Toro (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    August 17, 2016: The Search for Toro in the Sierra Nevada (The City Paper-Bogotá) Link | PDF

    August 16, 2016: The Wild Frogs, Newts and Salamanders That Have Eluded Cameras for Decades (Atlas Obscura) Link | PDF

    August 11, 2016: Premio Sabin por salvar a la rana del lago Titicaca (Los Tiempos) Link | PDF

    August 10, 2016: Researchers on the hunt for adorable rodent thought extinct for 113 years (Mother Nature Network) Link | PDF

    August 9, 2016: Front-line conservationists lack adequate insurance despite facing armed gangs and deadly animals (Independent) Link | PDF

    August 8, 2016: Animal Holy Grail: Find Toro (Discovery News/Seeker) Link | PDF

    August 2016: Pandas Get to Know Their Wild Side (National Geographic) Link | PDF

    August 2016: Fotos: Indio Maíz agoniza (Confidencial) Link | PDF

    August 2016 issue: Kelly Green profile (Austin Monthly) PDF

    July 26, 2016: Two Guys Just Broke the North American Big Year Record–But How? (Audubon) Link | PDF

    July 25, 2016: Aussie swoops in and pinches coveted ‘Big year’ prize (Daily Telegraph) Link | PDF

    July 25, 2016: Tasmanian Devil extinction threat increases, but Devil Ark offers a solution to save the species (Newcastle Herald) Link | PDF

    July 25, 2016: Not-for-profit organisation calling on Upper Hunter community to support project (Hunter Valley News) Link | PDF

    July 24, 2016: How a secret location near Sydney is helping save the Tasmanian devil (The Sydney Morning Herald) Link | PDF

    July 21, 2016: Birder sets record, 753, for Big Year list, and 2016’s still young (The Spokesman-Review) Link | PDF

    July 15, 2016: Saving the Saola: a 20th century discovery, a 21st century challenge (Thanh Nien) Link | PDF

    July 15, 2016: Saving the Saola: a 20th century discovery, a 21st century challenge (Báo Mới) Link | PDF

    July 13, 2016: Big Year birder on course to set new North American single-year record (BirdWatching Magazine) Link | PDF

    July 11, 2016: World Calls for Urgent Action to Save “Asian Unicorn” in Laos, Vietnam (Lao News Agency) Link | PDF

    July 2016: Making a Difference: Global Wildlife Conservation (Life in Travis Heights) PDF

    June 15, 2016: How Boise Might Help Save the ‘Last Unicorn’ (Boise Weekly) PDF | Link

    June 1, 2016: Estudo com primatas rende prêmio internacional a pesquisadora da Ufes (Globo G1) Link | PDF

    May 26, 2016: Frogs That Escaped Extinction (New York Times) Link | PDF

    May 25, 2016: The Borneo rainbow toad has been missing for 87 years — until now (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    May 24, 2016: Brasil recebe inédito prêmio mundial de meio ambiente (ECO Brasília) Link | PDF

    May 24, 2016: The Planet’s Lost Amphibians (Discover Magazine) Link | PDF

    May 20, 2016: Top 5 environmental sites at risk in Latin America (Blouin News) Link | PDF

    May 19, 2016: The world’s frogs are disappearing. These photos show the most amazing ones left. (Vox) Link | PDF

    May 17, 2016: Zoo news: this month’s animal antics from around the globe (The Guardian) Link | PDF

    May 17, 2016: In Search of Lost Frogs (bioGraphic) Link | PDF

    May 11, 2016: Nicaragua canal threatens jaguars, other endangered species, study finds (Tico Times) Link | PDF

    May 9, 2016: Nicaragua Canal would threatened endangered species says study (Mongabay) Link | PDF

    April 29, 2016: Construcción de canal interoceánico amenaza especies (Science and Development Network) Link | PDF

    April 25, 2016: Un país puede cambiar de piel (NewsWeek en Español) Link | PDF

    April 24, 2016: Global wildlife conservation in Austin (KVUE) Link

    April 22, 2016: Earth Day: Rising number of wildlife threatened by climate change (KXAN) Link | PDF

    April 12, 2016: Zoológico de Boston intenta rescatar al danto en Nicaragua (El Nuevo Diario) Link | PDF

    April 10, 2016: Wild Tiger Population Increases for First Time 100 Years (Newsweek) Link | PDF

    April 1, 2016: Experts Draft Plan to Protect Endangered Nicaraguan Wildlife from $50 Billion Canal Construction ( Link | PDF

    March 30, 2016: De Massachusetts a Nicaragua: Trabajando por el bienestar de los tapires centroamericanos (El Planeta) Link | PDF

    March 24, 2016: Mitigation Strategies Proposed To Save Endangered Animals in Nicaragua (Headline News and Global News) Link | PDF

    March 23, 2016: Working to save endangered species in Nicaragua (ScienceDaily) Link | PDF

    March 23, 2016: MSU part of team working to save endangered species in Nicaragua (PhysOrg) Link | PDF

    March 11, 2016: Will mining company drive mass extinction of Madagascar’s wildlife? (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    March 10, 2016: A stripy carnivore you’ve never heard of is clinging to survival in the forests of Laos (EarthTouch News Network) Link | PDF

    March 9, 2016: Protecting Central America’s Five Largest Wild Places: Indio Maíz-Tortuguero (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) Link | PDF

    March 7, 2016: Laos could be the ‘most important’ home for the elusive Owston’s civet (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    March 2, 2016: Getting SMART about Wildlife Crime (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    Feb. 25, 2016: The Disappearing Frogs (WUNC) Link | PDF

    Feb. 23, 2016: Award-winning National Geographic photographer heads to the Triangle and Sandhills region to talk lost frogs (Triangle Arts & Entertainment) Link | PDF

    Feb. 13, 2016: A Ban on Salamanders is Just Part of the Fight Against This Deadly Fungus (Smithsonian) Link | PDF

    Jan. 25, 2016: Salamander Fungus: Lacey Act to Keep Out 201 Foreign Amphibians (Nature World News) Link | PDF

    Jan. 21, 2016: Scientists rush to save an iconic frog from an active volcano in Ecuador (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    Jan. 20, 2016: Invasive amphibian fungus could threaten US salamander populations ( Link | PDF

    Jan. 8, 2016: “Fierce and Fragile” opens at the Bruce Museum with a Roar and Purrs with Delight (Greenwich Free Press)  Link | PDF

    Jan. 6, 2016: What does the Paris agreement mean for the world’s other 8 million species? (The Guardian) Link | PDF

    Dec. 27, 2015: Zoo craft project aims to save animals (Wisconsin State Journal) Link | PDF

    Dec. 21, 2015: Salamanders: Deadly Skin Disease Threatening European Populations; New Conservation Methods Could Prevent Spread to North America (Nature World News) Link | PDF

    Dec. 18, 2015: Volcano Meets Rare Frog; Ecuador Campaigns to Save Frog (Nature World News) Link | PDF

    Nov. 18, 2015: Star-studded Performance Opens First of its Kind Earth in Concert Exhibit at California Science Center (BusinessWire) Link | PDF

    Nov. 13, 2015: Grammy Winner Judith Hill Appears on Today’s CBS THIS MORNING (BroadwayWorld) Link | PDF

    Nov. 4, 2015: Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, Sting and Pharrell Williams’ musical work to feature in exhibit ‘Earth in Concert’ ( Link | PDF

    Oct. 15, 2015: Volcano Could Mean Extinction for the Rocket Frog (National Geographic) Link | PDF

    Sept. 25, 2015: Salamanders lost, salamanders found, salamanders saved (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Sept. 15, 2015: A Mega-Canal In Nicaragua Could Kill Off Jaguars and Indigenous Groups (Vice News) Link | PDF

    July 19, 2015: New nature reserve created in northern Colombia ( Link | PDF

    July 14, 2015: Rare bird paradise protected in war-torn Colombian mountain range (photos) (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    June 15, 2015: Two ‘lost’ animal species spotted in Palawan (Rappler) Link | PDF

    June 3, 2015: Two Species Assumed To Be Extinct Were Just Rediscovered (Huffington Post) Link | PDF

    June 3, 2015: ‘Extinct’ amphibians found in Palawan (The Manila Times) Link | PDF

    June 2, 2015: “Extinct” Amphibians Rediscovered After Nearly Half a Century (National Geographic) Link | PDF

    May 8, 2015: Researchers find treasure trove of unique, threatened animals in Philippine forest (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    April 13, 2015: Local artists, festival archives featured at Come-See-Me (The Herald) Link | PDF

    April 8, 2015: Disappearing Frogs Project part of Come-See-Me Festival in Rock Hill (The Herald) Link | PDF

    March 29, 2015: Cleveland researchers discover new frog species in Ecuador (The Columbus Dispatch) Link | PDF

    March 24, 2015: New shape-shifting ‘punk’ frog knows how to blend in (CNET) Link | PDF

    March 24, 2015: This skin-changing frog is basically the real Mystique (EarthTouch News Network) Link | PDF

    March 23, 2015: Abila Launches Abila Elevate Fundraising Platform to Help Nonprofits Spend More Time Reaching and Engaging Donors and Prospects (BusinessWeek) Link | PDF

    March 21, 2015: Riled Herpetologists Press Obama Administration to Protect America’s Salamanders from a Fungal Threat (New York Times) Link | PDF

    Feb. 25, 2015: Amphibian chytrid fungus reaches Madagascar ( Link | PDF

    Oct. 28, 2014: When a scientist picks up a camera: An interview with Andrew Snyder (Mother Nature Network) Link | PDF

    June 4, 2014: Guatemala establishes new reserve for endangered animals (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    May 10, 2014: 14 new Indian ‘dancing’ frog species may become extinct (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Link | PDF

    May 8, 2014: 14 new “dancing frog” species found in India, but how long can they survive? (CBS News) Link | PDF

    Jan. 4, 2014: Key highland habitat for rare condor protected in Ecuador (MONGABAY) Link | PDF

    Oct. 28, 2013: A Dream Team of International Scientists Explore Unchartered Wilderness in Guyana (National Geographic Voices) Link | PDF

    Oct. 7, 2013: Scientists discover scores of species in Suriname’s ‘Tropical Eden’ (NBC News) Link | PDF

    Oct. 7, 2013: Cocoa Frog Among New Species Discovered in ‘Pristine’ Ecosystem (LiveScience) Link | PDF

    Oct. 2, 2013: New Species Found in ‘Tropical Eden’: Photos (Discovery News) Link | PDF


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