About GWC


Global Wildlife Conservation protects endangered species and habitats through science-based field action.

GWC has built its success upon a foundation of excellence in Exploration, Research and Conservation. GWC envisions a world with diverse and abundant wildlife, a truly Wild World. We are dedicated to ensuring that the species on the verge of extinction aren’t lost but prosper well into the future.
Through our three key goals we are bringing together scientists, conservationists, policy makers, industry leaders and you to ensure a truly collaborative approach to species conservation. Our three key goals are to:

  • Save Species
  • Protect Wildlands
  • Build Capacity

Through this approach we are ensuring that species conservation remains core to our approach while addressing larger landscape issue challenges and developing a long term support network to guarantee that our donors and partners investments have the greatest possibility of success.

Make an Impact

GWC is a results orientated species focused organization. We need your help to make a difference to thousands of species around the world.

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