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Getting back- the adventure continued!

Leeanne Alonso – ​While the team was now closer to Palumeu, they still had to get around several dangerous rapids on the Palumeu River to get back. The now 29 men from Apetina and Palumeu bravely spent several days carrying and dragging the large dugout boats along the trail 3 km through the forest from the RAP camp to the METS camp to get around the largest of the rapids. They also carried food and gear this distance. The RAP team was amazed at their strength and very grateful for their support. ​

The RAP team departed the Kasikasima base camp in two stages so that boats could be used to transport people and gear to Palumeu and then return for more. Ten people departed on March 26 and the rest departed on March 28. Both teams were able to get to Palumeu after about one hour walk (around two rapids) and a four hour boat ride.

The RAP team then spent one night in Palumeu to present their preliminary findings and tell their adventures to the Captain and people of Palumeu. They returned to Paramaribo on March 29 to prepare the preliminary report and to present their findings to partners and supporters in Paramaribo on March 30. It was truly a privilege to experience and explore this amazing area.

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