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One of many such depots.

RAP Site 4 – Kasikasima Camp

Leeanne Alonso – ‚ÄčThe next day, scientists from CI-Suriname and nine men from Palumeu arrived at the small village. The men immediately set to constructing a base camp for the RAP team along the river on the side of the Kasikasima Mountain. They constructed two large tents for sleeping, a kitchen tent, and a laboratory tent. The RAP team was able to move in the next day. The rest of the RAP team arrived the next day after a challenging three day voyage by boat. From this camp, the team was able to reach the Kasikasima mountain by a three hour hike along well established trail system set up by METS for tourists that they bring out to this area. The METS camp was located about one hour hike along the river from the RAP camp.

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